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SUMMER Theatre Camp 2024


Exceptional, Extraordinary Training for the Young Actor


Theatre Summer Camp, Kids Acting Class| Boca Raton, FL
Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre




"Anthony Hubert has changed the course of my life dramatically. Because of his influence, I have been able to build a career in Los Angeles as an actor. As a child, my parents tried everything to get me involved in life. Only until I found Anthony did I find purpose. He casted me in his shows even though his coworkers had their doubts. He gave me the lead role in West Side Story, which is where I learned to sing; a skill I later used on the TV show Modern Family. Anthony challenged me to be a better quality artist with his unique approach and original exercises. He showed me the importance of not just doing the work but putting your whole self into it. I just finished my second spot for Wendy's "Where's the Beef?" national campaign, performed leading roles in two independent films and have a recurring role on Modern Family. When I'm not working for them I'm working for myself producing projects. Anthony has made such an impression on my subconscious that roles for him keep on appearing in the scripts I write.  I feel truly blessed that he was there to show me the way as a child, and now I can work alongside him as an adult. Anthony has provided me and so many others with the motivation needed to thrive in this industry and this world."  Reid Ewing, Former Student, ABC's 'Modern Family' and Wendy's 'Where's the Beef?'

"I had an amazing coach who was truly my breakthrough coach. His name was Anthony Hubert and he took me to more of a spiritual place with my acting. I do find acting to be very spiritual and a lot of actors will agree with that. You have to be so in tune with your emotions, your body, other people, and feelings that are just going on around you. It's really an amazing feeling, and Anthony really took me to that place."  Cassie Scebro, Former Student, 'Bring It On' and ABC Family's 'Make It or Break It'
"The training that I received from Anthony has truly changed my life. He showed me that everything that happens on stage tells a story, which has enhanced my viewing of theatre in general. He has opened my mind to the knowledge that every actor should understand and master before even thinking about auditioning. I know, for a fact, that where ever I find myself in life, I can always turn to what he's taught me for guidance. I can't imagine my life without him or where I would be had he not been there to teach me. No matter where I am, the training that I received from Anthony Hubert will always be a guide in my professional artistic career."  Alex, Former Student
"I can't put into words the enthusiasm {my son} had for the summer camp!  It was clearly the highlight of his summer.  He had nothing but wonderful words for and stories about Alex {assistant instructor}.  We look forward to seeing you this fall."  Susan, Parent
 "Your programs have surpassed any expectations that I have had.  My older daughter has taken an interest in acting because of the sincerely powerful and impressive training from Professor Hubert."  Katherine, Parent
"Wow! What a wonderful experience {our daughter} had with you!  She was quite sad this weekend that she wasn't doing the second session of summer camp.  We want to thank you for giving her such a positive experience and atmosphere to grow creatively and in confidence.  She learned so much and loved it!"  Joyce, Parent
"I would like to thank you for providing a wonderful theatre experience for our son.  {He} is really enjoying your theatre.  For us as parents, we feel this experience is bringing a whole new world of positive social interaction to our child."  Kate & David, Parents